VMware Blockchain provides an upgrade workflow that introduces some operational changes before, during, and after the upgrade process, which you must consider before you upgrade.

You can implement an in-place upgrade workflow to upgrade the Replica and Client nodes in a blockchain.

The in-place upgrade updates the Replica nodes within the blockchain. These nodes are backed up and upgraded consecutively. During the upgrade, the nodes are powered off.

Table 1. In-Place Upgrade Process

Before Upgrade

During Upgrade

After Upgrade

Identify all the nodes that must be backed up.

Imitate the upgrade process on all the VMware Blockchain nodes.

Check whether all the nodes are upgraded properly.

Pause all the running components.

Power on all the Replica and Client node VMs are powered on.

Pause the Replica and Client node VMs.

Manually clean up any old components.

Back up all the VMware Blockchain nodes.


Any customized configurations are lost during this upgrade process and are not recoverable.

Download the new version of VMware Blockchain.