You can prune stale key values from a block in the Replica or Client nodes. Replica and Client node pruning can be configured for different pruning windows because the process is not dependent on a node.

Replica Node Pruning

A System Operator initiates the pruning process for a Replica node. With Replica node pruning, you can specify a range of stale key-values that should be deleted from a block. The pruning of stale key values starting from the genesis block can be configured by the number of blocks or for a specific time frame. Any stake key-values data saved in the local persistent storage outside the set pruning window is pruned.

Pruning can only be performed if the following criteria are met:

  • Data has been safely replicated on the Replica, Client, and Full Copy Client nodes.

  • Data is outside of the pruning window.

  • Data is earmarked as obsolete.

Client Node Pruning

For the Client node, pruning can be initiated to reduce the Index DB size. A System Operator configures the pruning window using a predefined offset. 

For additional pruning configuration information, see