The VMware Blockchain Orchestrator deployment schema file includes definitions of available properties to clone your deployment environment.

Clone Replica and Client Node Parameters

To troubleshoot a node failure without introducing any errors in the production environment, you can clone a deployment environment. Within the cloned environment, you can perform the following operations:

  • Test whether the fix is working correctly before applying the fix to your production environment.

  • Deploy the same version of VMware Blockchain with a different topology.

For cloning implementation details, see the Getting Started with VMware Blockchain guide. To clone a deployment, back up the existing blockchain state, and restore the backup data in the cloned deployment, see VMware Blockchain Back Up and Restore.




Add the Replica nodes to clone from the Replica Network.

This parameter is optional.


Add the Client nodes to clone from the Client group.

You can obtain, for example, the clientGroupId or blockchainId information from the output of a previously provisioned deployment.

This parameter is optional.