You can log into the Wavefront service to monitor health or identify and troubleshoot any transaction problems.



  1. Log in to Wavefront.
  2. Navigate to the dashboard.
  3. To list all the VMware Blockchain monitoring metrics, enter Blockchain or the blockchain ID in the dashboard search text box.
  4. To view the available metrics, enter the metrics name in the search text box.

    The metrics data for the Concord container, System, Docker, Networking, and DAML is available in their respective dashboards.

  5. Select the dashboard name you want to monitor.
  6. To detect any irregularities, examine the dashboard.
    1. Filter the metrics data based on when the metrics were collected.

      For example, the metrics data can be collected one, 5, or 10 minutes, hours, or days before.

    2. Toggle the Live button to turn the real-time metrics on or off.
  7. To receive notifications when there are inconsistencies in the system, create alerts.

What to do next

Understand the various types of monitoring metrics. See VMware Blockchain Metrics Classifications.