To view the Replica and Client nodes' collected logs, you must log in to vRealize Log Insight.

If you use log collection not available in vRealize Log Insight, refer to the third-party vendor documentation for added details.



  1. Log in to vRealize Log Insight.
  2. To access the collected logs, select one of the tabs.
    • Interactive Analytics tab- you can search and filter log events and create queries to extract events based on timestamp, text, source, and text boxes in log events. You can view charts of the query results and save these charts for later on the Dashboards tab.

    • Dashboards tab contains custom dashboards and content pack dashboards. You can view graphs of log events in your environment or create your custom sets of widgets to access the information that you want to track closely.

  3. To view detailed logs, you can add single or multiple search criteria.

    Menu Item



    Lists all the graphs, text box tables, and query list widgets. See Dashboard.

    Add Filter

    Manually add search criteria and filter the logs.


    All the events appear.

    Field Table

    Logs are organized in these text boxes.

    For troubleshooting, you can filter by log level INFO, WARN, or ERROR.


    Filter the logs based on the time of the event.

What to do next

Search the correlation ID logs to troubleshoot a problem within a transaction. See Troubleshoot Errors Using Correlation ID Logs.