You can restore a failed Client node from a full backup data. The Client node backup should be within the Client node group.


  • Verify that the backup was created from a healthy Client node. See Back-Up Client Node on AWS.

  • Verify that you have captured the IP addresses of all the Client node VMs and have access to them. You can find the information in the VMware Blockchain Orchestrator descriptor file.

  • Verify that you have the volume snapshot ID from which the backup must be restored.


  1. SSH into the VMware Blockchain Orchestrator appliance.
  2. Enter the login credentials for the blockchain user account.
  3. Navigate to the /home/blockchain directory.
  4. Stop all the applications that invoke connection requests from the Daml Ledger.
  5. Stop the Client node components.
    curl -X POST
  6. In the EC2 interface, navigate to Snapshot and filter based on the snapshot ID.
  7. Select Actions > Create volume from snapshotCreate Volume.
  8. Click Volume ID in the title menu.
  9. Select EC2 > Volume > Volume ID to validate the current path.
  10. Select Actions > Attach volume to attach the EBS volume to a blockchain node.

    The EC2 instance shows the EBS volumes attached to the blockchain node.

  11. Type the node IP address in the Instance Info section.
  12. SSH into the blockchain node and validate that the EC2 instance has three volumes.
    fdisk -l
  13. Replace the data volume.
    sudo umount -d /dev/xvdb
    sudo mount -o nouuid /dev/xvdf /mnt/data/
  14. Start all the Client node components.
    curl -X POST 
  15. Start all the applications that invoke connection requests to the Daml Ledger.

What to do next

After the restore, you can manage your backup configuration. See Manage Client Node Backup on AWS.