VMware Blockchain collects three classes of monitoring metrics.

  • Core blockchain (Concord) metrics – provide information about the blockchain Replica node network's performance and health.

  • Client interface and smart contract execution engine metrics – provides information about the performance and health of the Daml Ledger API server, Daml index database, and Daml Execution Engine.

  • Infrastructure metrics – provides information about the CPU, memory, storage, and network resources consumed by components in your VMware Blockchain environment.

Tanzu Observability by Wavefront service groups the metrics by blockchain ID. ELK index patterns require the blockchain ID to search and identify the VMware Blockchain metrics.

You can also view metrics of the deployed VMs that contain Replica, Client, and Full Copy Client nodes. You can find the Replica and Client node IP addresses listed in the VMware Blockchain dashboard under the Replica and Client section.