You can change the password of the existing Daml index database after the reconfigure deployment to bind the newly created nodes to the existing VMware Blockchain topology.

As a best practice, changing the Daml Index database password is recommended if you have a weak password or you suspect a security threat.



  1. SSH into the Client node to change the password.
  2. Connect to the Daml index database and change the indexdb user password.
    #Get daml_index_db container ID, note the port:
    docker ps
    #Get daml index db IP
    docker inspect -f '{{range .NetworkSettings.Networks}}{{.IPAddress}}{{end}}' <daml_index_db container ID>
    #Log in onto the DB
    psql -h <the-db-ip> -p <port> -U indexdb
    #enter password from step 1
    #enter postgresql password change prompt
    indexdb=# \password
    # enter and repeat the new password
    # exit
    indexdb=# \q
  3. Use the VI editor in the Client node VM to edit the configuration files to reflect the new password.
    • Daml Ledger API configuration file /config/daml-ledger-api/environment-vars

    • Daml index database configuration file /config/daml-index-db/environment-vars

    • Telegraf configuration file /config/telegraf/telegraf.conf

    Sample Configuration Commands

    # Update the password in the three configuration files. Replace <old_password> and <new_password> before running the command below.
    sudo sed -i 's/<old_password/<new_password>/g' /config/telegraf/telegraf.conf /config/daml-ledger-api/environment-vars /config/daml-index-db/environment-vars
  4. Restart the containers.
    docker restart daml_ledger_api daml_index_db telegraf
  5. (Optional) Check the container logs for any errors and resolve the errors.

    If transient errors appear after all the containers are restarted and running, resolve these errors.

  6. Update the new password in the VMware Blockchain Orchestrator output files.