After restoring your Client node, you can further configure your environment to deactivate or reinstate the backup process.


  1. (Optional) Deactivate the backup process if the NFS file server is full or if there is a network problem.
  2. (Optional) Configure a backup process.
    "retention_days": 33,
    "schedule_frequency": "DAILY"
  3. (Optional) Perform an on-demand backup process.

    Before you perform an on-demand backup, the backup process must be configured. The on-demand backup can be performed even if the backup functionality is deactivated. But the backup must always be configured before an on-demand backup request can be issued.

    In some cases, you might need to perform a backup outside of the regularly scheduled frequency.


    If you want to perform an on-demand backup even though you have deactivated it previously, then use the POST command.

  4. Check the backup process status.


    If the backup process has errors, the execution_status_code key has a non-zero value, and the execution_error key lists the error returned by pgBackRest.

  5. (Optional) Verify the history of backups to determine which point in time restore process to use.
    sudo docker exec -it -u postgres daml_index_db pgbackrest --stanza=daml-indexdb --log-level-console=info info