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Introducing VMware Blockchain

VMware Blockchain is an enterprise-grade blockchain platform that enables multi-party workflows. It uses advanced techniques such as byzantine fault-tolerant state machine replication, authenticated data structures, and integration with smart contract execution engines to enable customers to build and run multi-party decentralized applications.

Key VMware Blockchain capabilities include:

  • Consistency of data in the blockchain and resilience of the system.
  • Maintain privacy and a verifiable single source of truth for all parties to avoid the need to reconcile data.
  • Integration with smart contract languages to allow application developers access to all features and the platform, while providing familiar interfaces such as the DAML Ledger API.
  • Operational simplicity around deployment, observation, upgradeability, and supportability.
Figure 1. VMware Blockchain Architecture
Shows the BFT, Replica and Client nodes, and the DAML Ledger API server.

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