VMware Carbon Black App Control Rules Installer 1.12 | 15 DEC 2021 | Build

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What's New

VMware Carbon Black has released Rules Installer version 1.12.

Beginning with App Control 8.1.4, agent installers and the rule file that determines their behavior are no longer included as part of an App Control Server installation. You upload rule installer packages separately after you install the server. This allows VMware Carbon Black more flexibility to make new and improved rules available to you independent of server releases.

Important: You must install at least version 8.1.4 CB Protection Server before using the Rules Installer. Customers who are performing a fresh (non-upgrade) installation of the VMware Carbon Black App Control Server will need to install the Rules Installer before deploying agents. For customers upgrading the App Control Server, we strongly recommend that you install the latest Rules Installer after the server upgrade. See: VMware Carbon Black App Control Rapid Config Guide or the VMware Carbon Black App Control User Guide for detailed instructions.

TIP: You can obtain the latest App Control downloads on the User Exchange.

New Features and Product Enhancements

  • Added MSEdge.exe to list of Windows browsers

  • Updated the Carbon Black EDR updater for Linux Sensor 7.1.0.

  • Added tamper rules to block non-admins from executing our MSI.

Resolved Issues

  • EP-14347: Fixed an issue that caused excessive file opening times

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