Purpose:To avoid Carbon Black App Control blocking updates to Microsoft Teams

Description: Approve Updates to Microsoft Teams.

Enabled by Default: No
Platform: Windows
Minimum Agent Version Required: 7.2.0

The Edit Rapid Config page for the Microsoft Teams Rapid Config

Use Cases

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Rapid Config Settings

As with most rapid configs, you can:

  • Enable or disable the rapid config.

  • Specify what policies the rapid config applies to.

Approve updates to Microsoft Teams

Approve writes to the specified locations by the specified processes if the processes have the specified publisher.

The approve updates to Microsoft Teams settings for the Microsoft Teams Rapid Config

*Approve Files Here:
Files written here will be approved when written by the specified process.
The default entry is: <LocalAppdata>\microsoft\teams*
*Approve Files Written By This Process:
Files written by this process to the above location will be approved.
The default entry is: <LocalAppdata>\microsoft\teams\update.exe
*Process Publisher:
Files written by the above process to the above location will be approved if the process is signed by this publisher.
This is a single value field. The value can contain wild cards. For example *Microsoft* would mean all publisher names that contain the word Microsoft.
The default entry is: Microsoft *