Purpose: To prevent Carbon Black App Control from blocking execution of files delivered by SCCM.

Description: Approves software delivered via Microsoft SCCM. Optionally allows and promotes files you specify that are executed directly from SCCM distribution points.

Enabled by Default: No
Platform: Windows
Minimum Agent Version Required: 7.2.0

The Edit Rapid Config page for the Microsoft SCCM Rapid Config

Rapid Config Settings

As with most rapid configs, you can:

  • Enable or disable the rapid config.

  • Specify what policies the rapid config applies to.

Execution from UNC Paths

Use this group to specify the location of files executed directly from SCCM distribution points and the users allowed to run them. The parameters in this group are optional. They are only necessary in order to allow and promote execution from SCCM distribution points if desired.

The Execution from UNC Paths settings for the Microsoft SCCM Rapid Config

UNC Paths To Files On SCCM Distribution Points To Allow And Promote:
Required if any package or part of a package may execute directly from the UNC share path on an SCCM distribution point. Some packages may execute remotely, instead of from the CCM Cache folder on the endpoint. Consult with your SCCM administrator about whether this happens in your environment. You may use wildcards to help represent a naming pattern for the distribution points. DFS aliases are not sufficient, you must enter the individual server names.
Users Allowed To Execute From The Specified Locations:
If you specified UNC paths from which files may be execute, you can specify here which users can execute the files.