Purpose: To make it easier to use Visual Studio in a Carbon Black App Control environment by approving Visual Studio output and improving build performance.

Description: Approves Visual Studio builds and ignores intermediate build files. This can improve the performance of Visual Studio builds by telling Carbon Black App Control to not track uninteresting files.

Enabled by Default: No
Platform: Windows
Minimum Agent Version Required: 7.2.0

The Edit Rapid Config page for the Visual Studio Rapid Config

Rapid Config Settings

As with most rapid configs, you can:

  • Enable or disable the rapid config.

  • Specify what policies the rapid config applies to.

The settings for the Visual Studio Rapid Config

Visual Studio Locations:
Visual Studio installation locations will be identified using well known registry keys. If there are additional installation locations for Visual Studio please enter them here.
Intermediate Files To Ignore:
Ignore writes of the following file types by Visual Studio. You can add and remove items from this list.
  • *.obj
  • *.bsc
  • *.ilk
  • *.ncb
  • *.sbr
  • *.idb
  • *.pdb
  • *.pch
  • *.manifest
  • *.res
  • *.dbx
  • *.idx
  • <LocalAppData>\temp\_CL_*
Users And Groups To Restrict The Rules To:
Defines specific users or groups to apply the rule to. By default, selection is Any User.