If you configure a notifier link, your users can click on it when an action is blocked to contact your in-house support desk or go to a web page that explains more about why the action is blocked.

Although you can use the same notifier link for all conditions in which Carbon Black App Control blocks a file action, you have the option of providing a different link for each notifier, and as with notifier text, you can embed tags to provide more information about the event in the link.

A notifier link is one method for managing requests for access to a file or device, and may be a good choice if you already have IT policies in place for collecting and responding to these requests. Carbon Black App Control also provides its own Approval Request feature, which populates the notifier with the fields necessary for the user to compose and submit a request and manages these requests directly on the console. For more information, see Approval Requests and Justifications.

Note: PLATFORM NOTE:  Notifier links do not display on Linux Agent notifiers.