Login accounts can be removed from the system, for example, when an employee no longer needs access to the console or leaves the company.

Console users can delete any account type they are allowed to create:

  • By default, accounts in the Administrators role can delete any account except their own.
  • By default, accounts in the PowerUsers role can delete ReadOnly accounts but not PowerUsers or Administrators.
  • Account-deletion privileges of accounts in custom roles vary.
Note: RESTRICTION: You cannot delete the default admin administration account.

Delete a Login Account

Use this procedure to delete a console login account.


  1. From the console menu bar, click the Settings (gear) icon and choose Login Accounts.

    The Login Accounts page displays:

    The Users tab on the Login accounts page showing the list of users
    Note: If the Login Accounts: Users tab is not displayed, click on the tab.
  2. In the Login Accounts: Users table, locate the user name.
  3. In the far left column next to the user name, click the Delete icon.

    Respond to the confirmation prompt.

    To delete the account, click OK.