Each requested upload appears on the Uploaded Files page, even when it fails. From this page, you can view information about the uploaded file, delete the upload from the list, retry the upload, cancel uploads in progress, and view the uploaded file.


  1. On the console menu, click Tools > Requested Files.
  2. Click the Uploaded Files tab.
    The Uploaded Files tab displaying the available columns


On the Uploaded Files page, in addition to the default view, you can choose from among the following Saved Views:

  • Uploads in Progress
  • Completed Uploads
  • Upload Errors

The following table shows the columns available for the Uploaded Files page, some of which appear by default and some of which you must add.

Table 1. Uploaded Files Table Columns




The Action column includes a checkbox for choosing files on which Action menu commands will act and buttons for taking action on individual files. The Action menu on this page includes the following commands:

  • Cancel Uploads – Cancel the upload of checked files (if the upload has not been completed).
  • Retry Uploads – Retry the upload of checked files.
  • Delete Uploads – Delete the table rows for checked files, and, for successful uploads, delete the files from the server.
  • Change priority to: – Change the priority of this upload request to one of the choices on the menu. The choices are Low, Medium, High, and Highest. Changing priority affects the order in which any pending files are uploaded.
  • View Carbon Black Reputation Data – View any data available in the Carbon Black File Reputation database for this file (identified by hash).
  • Analyze with ... – If any third-party analysis devices or services are integrated through the Carbon Black App Control Connector, you can send selected files to them for analysis. For files that were not successfully uploaded to the Uploaded Files page, choosing an Analyze command initiates a new upload, and if that is successful, the file is submitted to the third-party device.

Individual uploaded file rows may be acted upon by the buttons in their row. These include the standard File Details and Find File buttons found in all file tables. There is one additional button for successfully uploaded files:

The download icon Download the file (if it was successfully uploaded) from the Carbon Black App Control Server to a specified location. For this, console users must have specific permission to access uploaded files.


Priority in which pending files are uploaded to the server. The priority choices are Low, Medium, High, and Highest. Can be changed on the Action menu.

Request Date

When the file upload was requested.


The console user that requested the upload, or “System” if the request was due to an event rule.


The status of the file upload. The possible values are:

  • Uploaded – The upload completed successfully and the file is available on the server.
  • Uploading – The upload is in progress but not yet complete; a partial file has been received by the server. This status is likely to appear only for very large files.
  • Initiated – The upload task has been received by the agent where the file is located.
  • Queued – The upload task has not yet been sent to the agent.
  • Error – The upload failed. Hovering the cursor over this status displays the error message. Errors include: No file with hash, The system cannot find the path specified, The system cannot find the file specified.
  • Canceled – The upload was cancelled by a console user.


The name of the computer from which the file was uploaded.

File Name

The name of the uploaded file. For most requests, the Carbon Black App Control Server uploads a file matching the hash of the requested file, so in some cases, the name shown here will not be the same as the name of the file you chose.

For uploads from the Computer Details page, the file name is always the name entered in the File box during the upload request.

File Size

The size (in bytes) of the file.

Upload %

The percent of the upload that is finished. Completed uploads show 100%. Failed uploads and uploads not yet started show 0%.

Upload Date

When the file was uploaded to the server.

Upload Directory

The directory on the Carbon Black App Control Server to which the file was uploaded. Value is “(default)” for manual uploads, which use the directory configured in the System Configuration Advanced Options tab. If the upload is due to an event rule, the actual path is shown.


A description of the error that prevented the file from uploading. For example, the error for a file that was not present at the location given (or at all) would be file not found. Not shown by default.

File Path

The location on the agent computer from which the file was uploaded. Not shown by default.


The number of agent-managed computers reporting to your server on which this file is present.


The MD5 hash of the file.


The SHA-256 hash of the file.


Source of the request for upload. Either “Event rule” or “Manual”.

Source Name

If the request was due to an event rule, the name of the rule. If the request was manual, this field is empty.