The DASCLI counters command displays counter information for the local agent.

The DASCLI showcounters (alias for "counters") command is an alias for this command.

The most common way to get information from counters is to search for specific counters or operations of interest, for example, dascli counters | findstr /I AbMiss searches for "AbMiss" in counters.

Counters are also generated as part of an agent diagnostics capture and are stored in agent cache. The counters available using this command are a subset of counters available in an agent diagnostics capture. The rest of the information available in an agent diagnostics capture is available using other DASCLI commands.

Parity Service is required for using this command.


dascli counters


This command lists all of the counters that the agent tracks, which can be tens of thousands for various purposes. It is usually beneficial to store all counters in a file by redirecting the command line output, for example, dascli counters > c:\j\counters.txt.