Advanced Options provide a choice of size for the baseline drift report.

The default choice is Full details, which generates a drift report that includes details of top-level files and all individual files associated with them. The other choice is Summary only, which generates reports that include details at the top (file group) level and shows details of individual files only when requested (that is, when you click the file group to get details). The following table shows some considerations in selecting an option.

Table 1. Report Size Options


Summary Only Report

Full Details Report

Level of Detail

Initially reports results by file groups. Individual-file-level report is generated on demand when you click on a file group.

Contains individual files

Database size

Small size in database

Large size (approximately 10 times larger than Summary)

Creation Speed

Faster to generate

Slower to generate

Report Access Speed

Slower to view

Faster to view

Compatibility with Dashboard

Not suitable for graphing (portlets) and extensive analysis because it lacks file-level details such as threat, trust, and publisher/company

Suitable for graphing and analysis by grouping, filtering, etc.