Certain events trigger registration of a the agent on a computer with its Carbon Black App Control Server. When this occurs, the following conditions may affect AD policy mapping:

  • When the Carbon Black App Control Agent is first installed, the computer will register with the server for the first time, with the users that are logged on at the time. If no users have logged on since the last time this computer was started, the Carbon Black App Control Server shows an empty user list for that agent computer.
  • When an agent computer is restarted, if the Carbon Black App Control Agent reconnects to the server before any user logs in, the user list for that registration will be empty.
  • All agent computers (whether or not they use automatic policy assignment) re-register whenever their list of user sessions changes.

    Note: PLATFORM NOTE: Because of the way Windows handles sessions, a user’s session on a Windows computer does not necessarily end upon logout. It persists until it is replaced by a different user's session.)
  • Agent computers are disconnected by the server whenever the server restarts and re-registered when they reconnect to the server.
  • The server disconnects a computer (forcing re-registration) whenever the agent computer’s policy assignment is changed manually, or if it is changed from manual to automatic.