After files are uploaded to the Carbon Black App Control Server, console users with the appropriate permissions can download selected files to their local computer for further examination.

Caution: This feature in particular should be used with extreme care, in full compliance with your organization's policy on accessing other users’ files. Be sure that only those Carbon Black App Control Console users that absolutely need access to the feature are given permission to use it. The ability to download files has its own setting (“Access uploaded files”) in the console user permisisons settings.


  1. In the Uploaded Files table, click the download button The download icon in the row for the file you want to download.
  2. Follow the prompts for your browser to choose to download the file.

    This action copies a zip file to the download location on the computer on which the console is being viewed. The zip file includes the uploaded file and the folder path from the agent computer. You can navigate down through the folders to the file.