On many console table pages, a row of text links above the table head allows you to take actions on table data.

The following table shows the possible Table Data Control links (not all appear on all pages).

Table 1. Table Data Control Links

Link Text


Show/Hide Filters

Shows or hides the Filters panel, which lets you narrow the number of results returned in the table.

Show/Hide Columns

Shows or hides the Column Settings panel, which lets you specify which columns are displayed and in what order.

Show/Hide Snapshot

Shows or hides the Snapshot panel, which allows you to add selected files to an existing “snapshot” of files or create a new snapshot. Snapshots can be used to measure Baseline Drift. See Managing Snapshots for more information.

Export to CSV

Saves the information displayed in the current table to a file, using the standard download method for the current browser. Exported data is formatted as a CSV (comma-separated-value) file suitable for opening as a spreadsheet. Time values output to CSV files are shown in the local time defined by the Server Timezone setting on the System Administration page.

Refresh Page

Refreshes the page view to show the most current data available from the App ControlCarbon Black App Control Server. This can be useful if you have been on a page for a long period of time or the page contains information known to change frequently.