The App Control Agent runs silently in the background until it detects and blocks an action that matches a blocking rule. When the agent blocks an action, it can display a notifier on the computer where the action was attempted, informing the user why the action was blocked. Depending upon the attempted action and the configuration choices made on the App Control Server, notifiers can also give the user options for responding to the block.

Administrators can choose to block actions silently, but most of the descriptions in this section assume that notifiers are enabled for all rules and settings.


Notifiers are supported for Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro in version 7.2.2 and later, but only when these systems run in traditional desktop mode. Notifiers are not supported in the Metro interface.

If you use pre-8.5.0 Mac and Linux agents, their notifiers show previous product names. For updates on the status of these agents, see the Release Information and Downloads page.