If you have enabled integration and file analysis with an external device or service, you can submit files from the Carbon Black App Control Server file inventory to the connected source for analysis.

With analysis enabled, the console adds Analyze with... commands to menus in several locations that allow you to submit files to appliances or services from Palo Alto Networks.

File analysis by using the Connector is currently supported for files from Windows agents.

  • Unavailable files: A file in the inventory might be unavailable, either temporarily because it is inaccessible on the network, or permanently because it was deleted or was a transient file. If you attempt to send such a file for analysis, when it is not found, Carbon Black App Control will attempt to locate another instance of the same file and send that file for analysis. If no other instance exists, the analysis request will produce an error.
  • Non-ANSI characters: If the name or path of a file uploaded for analysis contains non-ANSI-convertible characters, the zip file used to upload it gives it a temporary name and/or path. See File and Path Information for Uploaded Files for information on how renaming is done.