You can schedule the upload of any file on a computer from its Computer Details page, whether or not the file exists in your file inventory of "interesting" files. Unlike uploads from other console pages, you must provide the path to the file in this case – there is no list of files to choose from, and the upload is not based on a hash.

Although wildcards may not be used in the path to a file, you can specify the path location using macros and registry keys. See Using Macros in Rules for the list of path macros recognized by Carbon Black App Control.


The ability to upload files via the Computer Details page requires a separate account permission – Manage uploads of files by pathname. See User Roles and Permissions for instructions on setting this permission.


  1. Navigate to the Details page for the computer that has the file you want to upload.
  2. On the Advanced menu to the right of the file data, click Other Actions.
  3. On the Other Actions menu, select Upload File.
    The Other Actions menu with the upload file dropdown menu selected
  4. In the File box in the menu, enter the complete path to the file you want to upload and then click the Go button.
    A message on the page indicates that the upload has been scheduled. If you enter a non-existent file or path, the upload is still attempted, and you will not see an error on the page from which you initiated the upload; however, a record of the failed attempt will appear in the Requested Files/Uploaded Files table.