There are two types of subscriptions for alerts email:

  • For specific alerts – On the Alert Information page, you can add subscribers to the email notifications specific to that alert.
  • For all alerts – On the System Configuration page, you can set up one global subscriber for alerts email. See Specify a Global Alert Subscriber.
Caution: Subscribers receive alert email only if alerts email is properly configured and enabled on the System Configuration page. See Configuring Alert and Approval Request Mail.

Subscription to individual alerts is the normal means of setting up email notification. This method allows you to decide which alerts are of interest to a particular user and avoid burying them in other alert email. Users can also watch the Triggered Alerts portlet or the Alerts page for alerts not critical enough to require email notification.

You can edit the email address or delivery format of existing subscribers by opening the Alert Information page and then clicking Edit next to the subscriber name. When you have finished editing the subscriber information, click Update next to the name, and then click Save at the bottom of the Alert Information page. Be sure to click both buttons.

You can delete a subscriber from the email notification list for an alert by opening the Alert Information page and clicking Remove next to the name. Note that there is no confirmation for this action – the name is removed immediately.