Refer to the table below for the events that were added or changed for a given version of App Control.

Note: This table begins with version 8.7. For changes previous to this, see the previous version of the Events Guide on the User Exchange.

Version 8.9 Changes

Table 1. Policy Enforcement Events and Subtypes See: Policy Enforcement Events
Subtype ID No. Severity Example Descriptions/Comments
Rule data too large 5400 Error The rule '$ruleName$' is too large to send to agents. THE CHANGES TO THE RULE ARE NOT IN EFFECT. Most likely this is due to a parameter containing a large number of entries. Please reduce the size and save again to re-enable this rule.

Version 8.8 Changes

Table 2. CPE Management Events and Subtypes See: CPE Management Events
Subtype ID No. Severity Example Descriptions/Comments
CPE Sync started 4400 Info CPE Sync started.
CPE Sync finished 4402 Info CPE Sync finished.
CPE Application Modified 4404 Info $param1$
CPE Application Catalog generation failed 4409 Error CPE Application Catalog generation failed. Error: '$param1$'.
CPE Application pruning failed 4411 Error CPE Application pruning failed. Error: '$param1$'.
CPE Application matching failed 4413 Error CPE Application matching failed. Error: '$param1$'.

Version 8.7 Changes:

Table 3. Server Management - New Events See: Server Management Events
Subtype ID # Severity Example Descriptions/Comments
Communication key created 205 Info Communication key created.
Communication key failed to be created 206 Info Could not create communication key: $param1$.
Agent trust cert file created 207 Info Agent trust cert file created.
Agent trust cert file failed to be created 208 Info Could not create agent trust cert file: $param1$.
Disabled communication key use 234 Info

Disabled communication key used from computer $param1$.

Archived communication key use 235 Info Archived communication key used from computer $param1$.