The following is one approach to validation of storage performance with App Control Server.

I/O Performance test – Depending on whether you are using direct-attached storage or a SAN, we recommend different approaches to testing I/O performance:

  • Direct-attached storage: CBPTest Tool - Disk Performance Testing Tool - This is a lightweight, 30-minute test that uses the SQLIO tool to measure storage performance.

  • SAN storage: diskspd – If you are using a SAN, you should instead do two 20-minute runs of the diskspd utility, downloadable from Microsoft here:

    Please make sure you have 100 GB of free space on the disk you are testing. Run the following command lines on those disks (each will run for 20 minutes) and send the results back to sales engineering:

    diskspd -w100 -t1 -b40K -d1200 -o1 -fs -Su -L -c100G testfile.dat
    diskspd -w100 -t1 -b8K -d1200 -o32 -r -fr -Sh -L -c100G testfile.dat

The test must meet the required metrics based on desired deployment size, as noted for the test.