To use a Timed Policy Override code on a Windows computer, perform the following procedure.


Generate a Code to Put a Computer in Temporary Local Approval


  1. On the computer on which to apply the override to, open a command window and change to the Carbon Black App Control Agent installation directory. By default, this directory is c:\Program Files (x86)\Bit9\Parity Agent.
  2. Enter the following command together with the override code you generated:
    TimedOverride.exe <code> 
    • If the code is invalid or expired, or if TimedOverride.exe cannot communicate with the Carbon Black App Control Agent, an error message displays. After three invalid attempts, the program automatically closes.
    • If a valid code is entered and the Enforcement Level transition is successful, no message is displayed but the dialog box closes. If the computer was connected to the Carbon Black App Control Server, it is disconnected.