Carbon Black File Reputation is a web service that provides features to enhance the value of the Carbon Black App Control Server.

Enabling Carbon Black File Reputation provides the following:

  • The Carbon Black File Reputation service, which helps identify and classify software that is discovered on your computers by comparing it to an extensive database of known files. It provides a threat level and a trust rating to files in its database.
  • VMware Carbon Black access to your server for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  • Cloud-based updates to Trusted Updaters and Advanced Threat Indicators.

Although most features are enabled by default when you activate Carbon Black File Reputation, you can opt in or out of feature groups.

Caution: Carbon Black File Reputation, which provides file trust and threat information and allows automatic updates of certain rules, requires a TLS 1.2 connection from the Carbon Black App Control Server. If you intend to connect to Carbon Black File Reputation, use of .NET 4.6 or later is recommended. Earlier versions of .NET default to pre-TLS-1.2 protocols, and this prevents a Carbon Black File Reputation connection unless you disable the older protocols. Disabling older TLS/SSL protocols can be a security issue for connections to other services from your Carbon Black App Control Server.

If your Carbon Black App Control license key includes a Carbon Black File Reputation subscription, the key for Carbon Black File Reputation displays on the Licensing page. To accept the terms and conditions of Carbon Black File Reputation usage and activate the service, you must perform the procedure described in Enable and Configure Carbon Black File Reputation.