You can delete any dashboard you created and, unless you are logged in as a ReadOnly user, any shared dashboard that is available to you. The only dashboard that cannot be deleted is the Home Page.

When you delete a shared dashboard, a dialog box warns that the dashboard is shared. Be careful when deleting a shared dashboard because other console users might want to continue using it. If another user is using a dashboard when you delete it, the dashboard remains displayed until that user navigates away from it. The dashboard is then unavailable.


  1. To start the deletion process:
    • On the console menu, click Reports and then click Dashboards. On the Dashboards page, click the Delete The Delete icon button next to the name of the dashboard to delete.

      - or -

    • On the dashboard to delete, click the Delete Dashboard The Delete Dashboard icon button.

  2. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog box. The dashboard is deleted; if you were on the dashboard when you deleted it, it is replaced by the Home Page.