Device information is presented in table form on the Devices page, which you access by choosing Assets > Devices on the console menu.

From each device table, you can drill down to a details page for any single item on the page (model, device instance, or attachment) by clicking on the View Details button next to the item. The following table shows the type of information available in each of these views:

This Device information... listed in this Table

...and this Details page for each Table row

Device Models found(vendor plus name)

Device Catalog

Device Model Details (for one model)

Individual, Serialized Devices Devices by Serial Number Device Attachment Details (for one serialized device)

Individual Devices attached to Individual Computers

Devices on Computers

Device Attachment Details (for one device-computer pair)

In each of the Device tables, you can use the Group By menu to group information by different fields. You can also save views. For example, you might want to see all of the devices grouped by vendor, or view all devices models for which certain serial numbers have rules that are an exception to the rule for the model. The Group By menu provides options for each of these cases. If you have not already become familiar with modifying views, see Console Tables.