Use this procedure to perform a cache consistency check on one or more computers managed by your Carbon Black App Control Server. This check ensures that the agent on a computer has accurate information about the files on the computer.

The scan options for the cache consistency check on the Computers page are the same as for performing the check for one computer on the Computer Details page. For information on the options, including the Request Publisher Certificates option, see Perform Cache Consistency Check.


  1. In the console menu, choose Assets > Computers. The Computers page is displayed.
  2. On the Computers table, select the computers you want to include in the cache consistency check.
  3. On the Action menu, select Perform Cache Consistency Check.
  4. On the Scan Level menu, choose the type of scan you want to perform.
  5. In the Delay Between Scans field, specify the number of minutes between each computer scan.
    Note: The minute interval you specify determines when computers, after the first one, are scanned. The first computer scan will begin after you save the dialog, and the scans of the other computers will be scheduled to begin incrementally based on the minute interval.
  6. Click Save.
    The scan will begin for the first computer and the scans for the other computers will be scheduled to begin incrementally. An event is displayed on the Events page when a scan begins and when it completes. Events that are triggered based on changes found during the scan are also reported on the Events page.