The Home Page is always available on the console menu. A System dashboard is also available that has portlets showing a variety of reports on your system, including the number of computers at each Enforcement Level, new software seen on your system, and baseline drift reports.

Upgrades from a previous release can include other dashboards that were created in the previous version.

The following illustration shows the type of portlets that display on the System dashboard (your System dashboard can show different portlets).

The System Dashboard displaying the portlets

There are several ways to open a dashboard:

  • If you are on a dashboard, select a different dashboard from the menu in the top left of the toolbar:

    The listed dashboards on the toolbar

  • From any console page, move the cursor over Home in the console menu to view other dashboard choices. All dashboards are not necessarily added to the menu.
  • Click Reports > Dashboards on the console menu. In the Dashboard List, click the View Dashboard button next to a dashboard name, or click the name of the dashboard directly.

    The Dashboard List