Although the portlets displayed by a dashboard vary, the basic structure of all dashboard pages is standard. The two main areas are the Dashboard toolbar, which shows the name of the current Dashboard and provides buttons and menus to manage it and the portlets.

The Dashboard toolbar includes:

  • Current dashboard name – Displays at the top left of the toolbar.
  • Dashboards menu – Click the down-arrow next to the dashboard name to open the dashboards menu, which alets you select a different dashboard to display.
  • Dashboard Help button The Help icon – Opens general help about dashboards. For each individual portlet, an information button in the upper right corner provides a description of that portlet.
  • Dashboard action buttons – The Reload button The Reload icon reloads the current dashboard. The remainder of the buttons are used for more advanced activities that are described in the section Creating, Editing and Managing Dashboards.
  • Dashboard appearance option menus – These options, on the rightof the toolbar, are described Changing Dashboard Appearance.