VMware Carbon Black App Control 8.9.6 | 10 APR 2023 | Build

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What's New

The 8.9.6 Server Release Notes provide information for users upgrading from previous versions and for users new to VMware Carbon Black App Control. This is a maintenance release.


Starting with the 8.9.4 App Control server, valid signing certificates were required for all files contained in Windows App Control agent installation packages. In February 2023, the signing certificate used to validate SHA-1 MSI's in the 8.9.4 server expired, which will prevent any future Windows App Control agent installation packages from being properly validated and installed with this server version.

We recommend both customers who do and do not use Windows XP/2003 on the 8.9.4 server upgrade to the 8.9.6 server to ensure there are no issues with future release installations. The 8.9.6 Server contains an updated SHA-1 signing signature required to validate future installation packages of the Windows App Control agent.

Customers who do not wish to upgrade to the 8.9.6 server must manually apply the new SHA-1 signing certificate to prevent these issues from occurring.

You can download this new signing certificate here.

  • Any current, already released Windows agents will not experience installation issues with the 8.9.4 server.

  • Customers using server versions earlier than 8.9.4 will not experience installation issues with future Windows agents.

Notable Server Changes:

  • This release fixes an issue where Yara rules fail to work after updating to a newer version of the Rules Installer. We recommend customers on previous versions of the App Control Server upgrade to 8.9.6 to avoid running into this issue.

Library Changes

The following libraries were updated:

  • No libraries were updated in this release.

Supported Upgrade Paths


For customers using SQL 2019, installation of the latest Cumulative Update is required before installing version Carbon Black App Control Server 8.9.6. Please see the Server OER for more details.

The table below shows the supported upgrade paths for Carbon Black App Control 8.9.6 servers:

Upgrading from:

Upgrading to:





















8.1.0 Patch 2






Resolved Issues

The following defects were fixed in the Carbon Black App Control 8.9.6 Server.

  • EP-18115: Fixed an issue where Yara rules would break on certain rule versions under certain conditions (EA-22782)

Known Issues

The following known issues and limitations are present in the Carbon Black App Control 8.9.6 Server.

  • EP-14223: When using 8.6.x servers, policy and enforcement levels may not display correctly for 8.6.x Windows agents installed on Windows 11.

    The 8.7.0+ App Control Server and 8.7.2+ Windows Agent resolves this issue.

  • EP-4085: When uninstalling the App Control server a message may appear saying that the system is protected by the App Control agent even though the agent has already been uninstalled

  • EP-17537: When running on Windows Server 2012 R2 the AppC Server is unable to access the NIST API due to incompatible cipher suites. Because of this, CPE syncing is not possible on this operating system

  • EP-1222: If the CryptoAPI cannot initialize, the license will not be imported

    This is typically due to the environment not being set up according to the installation instructions.

  • EP-14702: Due to an InstallShield issue, if a reboot is required during install, the installer may not automatically continue after reboot

    If this occurs, you must manually restart the install.

  • EP-2752: If you modify the permissions of, or disable, the "admin" user that ships with the product, the API module may no longer function correctly, causing problems when using the REST API and the console

    Make sure that the "admin" user retains its "View users" and "Manage users" permissions, and that it is not disabled.

  • EP-2879: Baseline Drift Reports only report on Windows computers

    Baseline Drift Reports do not report on Mac or Linux computers.

  • EP-3157: Exports to CSV of tabular data from console pages do not render date and time fields consistently with respect to time zone

    Some columns are reported as UTC; others use the local time zone.

  • EP-3349: Right after a new version of App Control is installed, the version health indicator will incorrectly report that the previous version is the newest version

    Refreshing the health indicator will cause it to disappear and will remove the incorrect report.

  • EP-3352: An event with the subtype "File deletion failed" is erroneously generated when a file that no longer exists is selected for deletion

    When a file that no longer exists is selected for deletion, the App Control Server should generate an error with subtype "File deletion processed (file not found)". Instead, an event with the subtype "File deletion failed" is erroneously generated.

  • EP-4094: Users without the "View Policies" permission will not be able to make use of Role-Based Access Controls based on policies

  • EP-4578: If a user turns on the config property ShowHiddenCustomRules and creates a Custom Rule with a hidden action (that is, an action ending with "(Hidden)") that rule will display as an expert rule after being saved

    Rules of this type requiring an Operation value of "Execute and Write" should be created as two separate rules to avoid losing data.

  • EP-5504: Systems created using Sysprep may not boot if Tamper Protection was enabled when Sysprep was performed

  • EP-5703: Canceling a diagnostic request while it is underway does not always work

    From the App Control console one can request a diagnostic upload from an endpoint. Canceling such a request while it is underway does not always work. Sometimes cancellation can merely cause the endpoint to retry the upload.

  • EP-6510: Some customers have reported seeing false positives with the Doppleganger rule being triggered by TIWorker.exe and TrustedInstaller.exe

  • EP-6515: In a specific scenario it's possible for newly installed agents to register with the server from a deleted policy

  • EP-6719: File analysis through connectors will not work with files containing certain foreign characters in the name

  • EP-6721: If a SAML identity provider requires a signed logout request, the logout request will fail

  • EP-6796: In some cases it's not possible to export a large amount (300+) of custom rules

  • EP-7891: When adding a user to the "Linux User/Group to Manage Agents" section of the Agent Management configuration the message “(Not validated)” is erroneously returned

    The new user should still be added.

  • EP-13195: Rapidly changing a computer's policy more than once can sometimes cause the last policy change to not apply

  • EP-16158: Incorrect list of files when creating a snapshot

    Sometimes when filtering files and creating a snapshot from the result set, files not part of the result set are included in the snapshot.

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