This table lists all Session Management events and their unique subtypes specific to this release of App Control.

Note: New or changed events are identified with ** (double-asterisk) in the left column. This allows a search to quickly identify only the new or changed events.
Table 1. Session Management Events and Subtypes
Subtype ID No. Severity Example Descriptions/Comments
Console user created 302 Info '$userName1$' created new username ‘$userName2$’.
Console user deleted 303 Info '$userName1$' deleted the user '$userName2$'.
Console user login 300 Info

User '$username$' logged in from $ipaddress$.

User '$username$' logged in from $ipaddress$ via SAML.

User '$username$' redirected to unified server $serverName$.

Console user logout 301 Info User '$username$' logged out.
Console user modified 304 Info

'$userName1$' changed the User Roles for $userName2$'.

'$userName1$' changed the password for '$userName2$'.

‘$userName1$’ modified the user ‘$userName2$’.

‘$userName1$' changed the password for '$userName2$'.

‘$userName1$’ created the API token for '$userName2$'.

Unified server modified the unified user $userName2$.

Multiple failed logins 305 Warning User '$username$' has failed to log in $param1$ times in a row. Current IP Address $ipaddress$.
User Role AD rules changed 309 Notice '$username$' modified an AD rule for mapping $param1$ to the User Role $param2$.
User Role created 306 Info

User Role '$param1$' created by '$username$'.

User Role deleted 307 Info

User Role '$param1$' deleted by '$username$'.

User Role modified 308 Info

User Role '$param1$' modified by '$username$'.