This document provides an overview of the various health check events, their severity, guidance on where to begin the investigation, and tools to use for troubleshooting.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive troubleshooting guide, but rather provide the missing level of detail around what a failure might indicate and where to look next. Because health checks can change between versions and patches, the events you see might differ from those presented here, but we will keep the document updated as necessary.

When reviewing an event, use the Failure ID from the health check event description to find the corresponding health check entry. In the example below, both fields are bold.

Table 1. Example

Carbon Black App Control Agent detected a problem: Carbon Black Sensor (CarbonBlack) is not running: State[Stopped]. Options[00000003] TotalFailures[1] FailureId[580]

The Failure ID number on this health check message is 580.