The App Control database uses the “Simple” recovery model. The “Full” recovery model should not be used to avoid a performance penalty and excessive database log growth.

Note: The use of a SQL Server Availability Group Listener has been verified as a valid Database Server option during App Control Server installation. Design and implementation of a SQL Server Always On availability group is outside the scope of this document.

App Control Server supports automated database backups, but only for deployments up to 100 endpoints. In all other cases, full database backups should be done using best SQL server practices. Also, a database consistency check should be done prior to backup to ensure that the database is not corrupt.

Recommended backup frequency is 2-3 full backups per week. More frequent backups might negatively impact server performance.

Database backup can run anywhere from minutes to hours, depending on database size, network speed (when backups are sent over the network) and performance backup storage. Backups impact server performance should be avoided during busy times (e.g. when many users rely on console performance), or during internal App Control Server maintenance times (see table below).

Maintenance Task Times
Daily Cleanup Task Every day at 12 AM (midnight), App Control Server local time. Task can run anywhere from 1 to 4 hours.
Database Index Maintenance Every Saturday starting at 4 AM. Task can run anywhere from 2 to 6 hours.