App Control supports the use of virtualized environments for its deployment if the environment is smaller than 5,000 endpoints. Virtual environments must meet the minimum hardware configurations listed in the tables above, and also must meet the following requirements:

  • VMware ESX Server 5.5U2+; recommend patching to current level
  • SQL and App Control Server must be installed on the same virtual machine
  • Memory must be allocated as “reserved”
  • For virtualized servers, the underlying disk architecture must still meet aforementioned minimum requirements. Physical DAS storage, solely dedicated to the App Control VM, is preferred, but SAN storage may be used instead, if it meets these criteria:
    • IO channel: Fibre channel
    • Sequential write latency: 0.85ms or faster
      • Measured as 40kb writes, one thread, over two hours
    • Random write latency: 1.75ms or faster
      • Measured as 8kb writes, 32 threads, over two hours

    15K SAS drives for SQL logs and SSD drives for the other SQL storage should meet these criteria.