Requirement Details Additional Notes
Port 443 access Outbound SSL From App Control Server to App Control Knowledge Allow connection to (proxy connections are supported)
Inbound HTTPS from App Control Console users and App Control Agents (for software upgrades)
Inbound Port 41002 access Inbound SSL from App Control agents Port is configurable
Outbound Port 514 access Outbound UDP for Syslog/SIEM connections Optional, if Syslog/SIEM integrations are enabled. Port is configurable
Ethernet connection 1 GB/s connection required for connection to App Control Agents
Static IP address only (no DHCP) with an assigned FQDN or alias; IPv4 and/or IPv6 supported
AD Integration Server must be a member of a domain if AD integration is utilized
Bandwidth For every 1000 agents, you can expect server bandwidth to average about:

• Inbound: 200kb/s

• Outbound: 50kb/s