The user account that will access a remote App Control database should have the following permissions:




Create Any Database

Yes, during installation.

This permission is required during product installation, and can be revoked after installer finishes.

View Server State


Allows collection of App Control Server performance statistics

View Any Definition


Allows collection of App Control Server performance statistics

Alter Trace


Allows collection of on-demand SQL trace for performance diagnostics

Alter Server State

No (Recommended)

Allows server to reset performance counters on daily basis, and provides better performance diagnostics

Note that many of these permissions allow server metrics to be collected by Carbon Black for monitoring of the internal health of the server and to provide diagnostics in case of SQL database issues. This information is very important in helping Carbon Black support your server installation, and also provides server performance data that may contribute to future product improvements. Contact your Carbon Black representative if you would like more information about data collection from your server.


In addition to the permissions shown in the table, the App Control service account must remain db_owner after the server is installed.