This section provides guidelines and requirements for a App Control Server setup that uses a SAN for database storage.

Even though the OER document doesn’t recommend running App Control Server on SAN (Storage Area Networks), there are situations where this cannot be avoided.

Here are some common reasons to use a SAN with App Control Server:

  • “Because, per corporate standards, we need to run App Control Server in a SQL cluster”
  • This is a valid reason for using a SQL cluster. Note that SQL Server Always On availability groups, available in SQL Server 2012, don’t have this limitation.
  • “Because, per corporate standards, we want to run App Control Server in a virtualized environment, and use SAN as storage.”
  • This is a valid reason since it is difficult to provision VM with DAS, especially if VM images will be moved across different hardware.

There are downsides to using a SAN with App Control Server:

  • The SAN usage model usually implies that storage will be shared with other databases and applications and it is unlikely it is going to meet the App Control Server performance requirements.
  • SAN storage that will meet the performance requirements for Carbon Black is very expensive. Carbon Black recommends using DAS in combination with Flash storage. This combination provides better and more reliable results than SAN for a much lower price.