1. When a SAN is used for database storage, App Control Server hardware still must meet the other physical requirements described in the OER document.
  2. For the best performance, App Control Server and SQL Server should both be deployed on a single machine (1-tier architecture).
  3. SAN storage must be qualified using the performance validation tools provided by Vmware Carbon Black (described in this document), and must meet the minimum performance requirements for a given deployment size.
  4. The storage size must meet minimum requirements for a given deployment size.
  5. The SAN must be configured to have LUNs dedicated to App Control Server (e.g., through “zoning”).

Best Practices when Using a SAN with App Control Server

  1. Configure the HBA controller for a high queue depth (24 or more).
  2. Use a fast Fibre-channel connection (at least 8 GB/s).
  3. When using a SAN with hard disks, use RAID 1+0 if available; it will give the best performance.
  4. Use a stripe size of either 64Kb or 256Kb.
  5. To meet the performance requirements for App Control, a SSD might need to be used inside of a SAN. If so, the SSD cache must be dedicated and large enough to cover approx. 30% of the database size.