Whether an AD User has a console login account or not, anytime an AD user account appears in a table (other than the Login Accounts page) in the console, additional information can be displayed by clicking on that user name.

For example, if you display the Events page, some events include the user associated with the event:

If the name is identified as an AD username, it is highlighted in blue, and when you click on it, a User Details window appears (note that this is not the same as the User Details page that appears when you click on a name on the Login Accounts page):

You can change, add, or remove fields from this page by editing the file UserProps.txt. This file is located in the “Scripts” subdirectory of the Carbon Black App Control Server installation directory. For example, if you accepted the default installation directory, it would be in:

C:\Program Files\Bit9\Parity Server\Scripts.

The file is a two-column, colon-separated list. The Carbon Black App Control label (for example, “Name”) is on the left, and the AD property displayed for that field is on the right. Be sure to use actual AD object properties for the term on the right of the colon if you edit this file.

Similar customization can be done for AD-based computer details displayed in the console.