When you have put computers into Local Approval mode, you normally restore them to their previous policy as soon as possible after you have finished installing new applications.

Restoration to the previous policy can be accomplished from the Change Policy portlet, the Computer Details page, or the Computers page. The last method is described here.

Note: This method works for online computers only. If you used a timed Enforcement Level override to move an offline computer into Local Approval mode, the computer moves back to its normal Enforcement Level automatically when the time period is over. See Using Timed Policy Overrides.


  1. On the console menu, click Assets > Computers.
  2. On the Computers page, select Computers in Local Approval on the Saved Views menu and verify that the computer displays in the Local Approval policy.
  3. In the table, select the check box next to the computer to restore. If you have multiple computers to restore, select each one.
  4. On the Action menu, select Restore to Normal Enforcement Level.


The computer moves back to its previous policy and is no longer displayed in the Computers in Local Approval view.