In addition to the access provided to the Live Inventory of files and computers through the console, Carbon Black App Control provides public views into the database. You can create your own reporting and data analysis solutions through the use of these public views.

This section describes the available read-only database views.

Creating your own custom reports using the external database views may be useful when you want to perform complex analysis of file and computer inventory data. The SDK also facilitates:

  • A special combination of filters or a file grouping not provided in the Carbon Black App Control Console.
  • Inquiries that perform faster when done through direct database access outside of the console user interface.
  • Reports that run on a specific schedule and/or need their output integrated into third-party tools.
Note: Carbon Black App Control also includes the API, a RESTful API that provides programmers a way to write code that interacts with Carbon Black App Control, either by using custom scripts or from other applications. See App Control API for more information.