Perform the following procedure to activate Carbon Black Cloud integration.


  1. On the console menu, click the configuration (gear) icon and click System Configuration.
  2. Click the Connectors tab. On the Connectors page, click the Carbon Black Cloud tab.
  3. Click the Edit button on the Carbon Black Cloud tab.
  4. In the Do you have Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR? field, click the button ( Yes or No) that matches your Carbon Black Cloud environment.
    Your Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR choice determines the number and type of URL fields displayed. See the table in Enabling VMware Carbon Black Cloud Integration for a description of each field and its purpose.
  5. Click the Populate from URL button, enter the base URL address for your Carbon Black Cloud server in the dialog, and click OK.This address is used to complete URLs for each of the fields. You can enter this address with or without https:// and with or without a trailing slash.
    Caution: The URLs constructed using your server address and shown in Enabling VMware Carbon Black Cloud Integration were accurate for the intended connections at the time of this Carbon Black App Control release. Because Carbon Black Cloud is constantly under development, changes to the URLs can become necessary after the initial configuration. You can manually enter the URLs on this page if changes occur. Monitor the Carbon Black User Exchange for any URL changes.
  6. When you have configured the URL fields, check the Enable Carbon Black Cloud Integration box, click the Update button, and confirm your changes to activate the connector.