You can create a rule that applies only when specific users or users in specific groups attempt an action.

The choices for User or Group on the Add/Edit Memory Rule page are:

  • Any Users – applies the rule to all users.
  • Specific User or Group... – opens a text box below the menu, into which you can enter AD users or groups in the format userorgroupname@domain or domain\userorgroupname
  • The other menu choices are built-in Windows groups, such as Authenticated Users and Local Administrators.
  • On Windows Vista and later, membership in pre-defined security groups like Administrators requires that the application is run as an administrator. If a group definition is necessary for a rule, consider using security groups you define rather than the pre-defined groups.
  • There is a brief delay after a user logs in before group membership is established and group-based rules become effective. This delay may be longer if you have a large number of rules. If you need a rule to be effective as soon as possible after a user logs on, do not specify a user group in the rule. Rules that specify a username or SID are always active and won't be affected by this delay.