You can use the Carbon Black App Control console to enable approval requests and justifications for a notifier.

Approval requests and justifications are enabled on a per-notifier basis. What (if anything) you do to enable them depends on whether you are upgrading from a pre-7.0 release, and also on whether you want to customize the appearance and behavior of the feature:

  • New Installations – In new Carbon Black App Control installations beginning with version 7.0.0, Approval Requests are enabled for all file and device blocking settings in the Default and Template policies. New policies that you create from these policies will also be configured for approval requests and justifications, and will distinguish between the two in the notifier interface. You do not need to follow the procedure below unless you want to further customize the notifiers.
  • Upgrades – Upgrades from pre-7.0 versions of Bit9 Parity will not have Approval Requests enabled. You can enable them using the Approval Request menu in each notifier, and you can further customize their appearance by adding tags to the notifier text. For upgrades, any notifiers you customized prior to v7.0.1 do not distinguish between approval requests and justifications in the notifier labeling.
Note: PLATFORM NOTE:  Disabling Approval Requests and/or Justifications prevents their interfaces from appearing on all Prompt notifiers and Windows Block-only notifiers. On Mac and Linux, the Justifications panel is grayed out in the Notifier History window when a block event is selected and Approval Requests and/or Justifications are disabled.
Note: You can enable automatic email notification that informs the requestor when an approval request is closed. For more information, see Reviewing and Resolving Requests and Justifications.


  1. On the console menu, navigate to the Rules > Notifiers page.
  2. To open the Edit Notifier page, locate a notifier and click View Details.
  3. From the Approval Request drop-down menu, select either of the options.
    • Approval Request
    • Justification
    • Approval Request and Justification
    • None
  4. To keep your changes, click Save.